An Inside look on the Creative Process with Martin Amini

How we made a Music Video for $50

This video was very special for many reasons. First off, this video was completely unplanned. We had no idea we wanted to shoot a video for this until the day before. Fortunately, we had some good friends pitch in and help out. My cousin Max Amini was gracious enough to lend us his BMW convertible for a few hours.  Then a family friend Mr Ben Shaool was cool enough to let us use his Beverly Hills Mansion for 6 hours.  So in my mind i'm just like, get as much coverage as possible and don't waste a minute.  So the Homie Phil Ade showed up, I told him the shots I wanted to do, and we basically shot everything within a 6 hour window all handheld with the exception of a $50 Slider I rented from Samys Camera. The Animation was done by my friend, Stephen Leon who killed it in my opinion and the beat was made by the one and only Dj BO. I'm very proud of everyone involved, and it goes to show you that you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a video to make it look dope, just focus on having rich and talented friends :)  

Here's a clip of the Behind the Scenes process below.