An Inside look on the Creative Process with Martin Amini

Working with Phil Ade on the Music Video "Outskirts"

Getting the opportunity to work with Phil Ade on a project like "Outskirts" is very special.  Not only is Phil an extremely talented artist, he is incredibly humble and down to earth.  I remember hearing the track initially and thinking this is a DMV anthem, and I better not mess up this visual.  Fortunately, the entire creative process from beginning to end was seamless.  Our crew was incredibly sharp, and everything went according to plan.  I'm also very proud of the choreography in the video, bringing back the 90's vibe was something I always wanted to do. The video was shot in 2 days on the Red Scarlet.  Big thank you to everyone who contributed to the project.

Below is a video of the behind the scenes process.

We look forward to watching Phils Career continue to grow.  Check out his music at and watch the complete music video below